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My unique process for micro-dermabrasion will work better and last longer than any micro-dermabrasion treatment you have ever had. If you have never had a micro-dermabrasion treatment, you will be amazed at the results Ė even after the first one!!!

When you come into the salon the first thing we do is a full skin analysis to find out exactly what is going on with your skin, your skin type and what you expect from your treatments.

You are then placed on the facial bed with a relaxing massage mat, your skin is cleansed (donít worry about coming in with your makeup on) and a mild pre-peel is applied to the skin. The amount of keratin (dead skin) on the surface of your face will be determined by your reaction to the pre-peel.

The more aggressive we are, the better your treatments will work. Of course, we will discuss you plans for the next couple of days to determine if it will be convenient for you (you may peel or flake).

We then micro-derm your skin. It will feel like a piece of sand paper going across the skin. The results are well worth the little discomfort you may feel. We may do extractions to help clean the pores even further.

After the micro-dermabrasion, we then apply an oxygen treatment (if included). Oxygen will heal the skin at a cellular level. This feels wonderful, reduces the redness and helps to heal the skin on contact! After the oxygen, a moisturizer for your skin type is applied.

It is best to do a series of treatments to get your skin in the condition you want it, and then recommend follow-ups periodically afterward to help it stay that way. The treatments are accumulative! You will notice a difference after the first treatment, but if you come in within 7-10 days your skin will continue to get better and better each time. You absolutely can have beautiful, freckle-free, acne-free, smooth, baby-butt skin!!!!