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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

<b>Questions & Answers
Q. How exactly does “VascuLyse” Therapy work?

A. “VascuLyse” is a non-invasive electro-coagulation treatment which is limited to the epidermis of the skin, thus scarring from this procedure is almost impossible. During treatment, the superficial dermis is indirectly affected by the coagulation and heals without any visible mark.

Q. What is Electro-Coagulation?

A. Electro-Coagulation transforms fluids into solid matter using heat produced by electricity. When using Electro-Coagulation (RF and DC) currents, the blood trapped in broken capillaries is “clotted” and eliminated by the body and replaced by scar tissue. The blood then is re-routed and flows through other, healthier vessels.

Q. What other benefits can be gained from “VascuLyse” Therapy?

A. During treatment, vascular blemishes disappear; final results are evident within 3 to 7 days (longer on the body).

Q. Is there any pain involved?

A. Yes, there is a slight discomfort during treatment.

Q. Are there any post-treatment problems?

A. Yes, sometimes there is post-treatment scabbing. This is usually very small and not noticeable (usually pin point size).

Q. How many treatments will I need to obtain desired results?

A. One treatment is usually all that is needed on the face. Rarely, but sometimes, up to three are needed. On the body, it just depends on how deep the vein is and how healthy the client is.

Q. How long are the treatment sessions?

A. For vein treatment it is not advised to do over 15 minutes on the equipment. That does not include prep or post-treatment procedures. A treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. For skin tags, we can work as long as you like and charge per skin tag.

Q. How will I look immediately after the treatment?br>

A. Your skin may appear slightly red, swollen or flushed for a few hours to a few days afterward. You can gently apply ice for the swelling. Again, there may be some slight scabbing and this must fall off naturally so that you do not permanently mark the skin. You may gently apply makeup after treatment and Neosporin Plus ointment is recommended to help speed healing.

Q. Once I achieve my personal goal, will I need further treatments?

A. Not for the veins we were successful with. But, unfortunately, the body will produce others and you will want to have them treated early so that healing goes faster, they do not spread or become larger making it more difficult to treat.

Q. Can anyone have this done?

A. Unfortunately, not everyone is advised to have this done. People with: pacemakers, diabetes, pregnancy, those taking blood-thinning drugs (Coumadin), or any medical condition delaying the healing process, viral hepatitis or H.I.V. are not good candidates and should not have this treatment done.

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