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Men's Skin Care: Is there a difference?

<b>Men's Skin Care: Is there a difference?

Men's Skin Care

How does men's skin differ from women's? Can men benefit from skin care products?

Men and women's skin is similar in structure, although men tend to have more hair and increased oil production. Men can certainly benefit from a professionally-recommended skin care regime, not only to remedy shaving problems, but also to combat other problems frequently associated with men's skin. For example, because men tend to have oilier skin than women, they tend to have more blackheads and breakouts. A program of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization will help prevent blemishes and keep the skin in optimum condition.

I'm a soap-and-water user now and I don't want a complicated regimen. What should I use?

Many people prefer not to have a complicated skin care regimen, but realize that using a soap-and-water approach can damage and dehydrate the skin. Dermalogica recommends that you use Special Cleansing Gel, a soap-free, foaming skin wash, Multi-Active Toner, a rebalancing facial spritz, and Active Moist, a light, oil-free face lotion. This quick and efficient routine takes little time, and will leave your skin in its best condition.

Once you are comfortable with these three products for everyday use, consider the addition of an exfoliant like Skin Prep Scrub, which really helps with shaving preparation, and a deep-cleaning masque like Skin Refining Masque to help reduce breakouts and blackheads. And, of course, never venture into the sun without proper solar protection-a complete solar block from Dermalogica's Solar Defense System.

What can I do to avoid ingrown hair?

Many men suffer from ingrown hairs, which is often simply a result of improper shaving preparation. Before shaving, "power cleanse" with a mixture of a gentle scrub and foaming skin wash, or use a facial brush with face wash to exfoliate the skin and lift the hairs. Select a shaving product that provides a close shave while preventing nicks, cuts and redness. Follow with a light moisturizer and a skin-calming Gentle Soothing Booster to freshen, soothe and rehydrate the skin, restoring its natural balance.

Why should I use Dermalogica's Professional Shave instead of shaving cream, foam or gel?

Professional Shave creates an invisible comfort barrier of moisture between the razor and the skin. Organic Silicones buffer the razor to prevent nicks, cuts and irritation while concentrated essential oils smooth and condition the skin during the shave. When used daily, it softens the hair, increases skin smoothness and reduces shave sensitivity. Its concentrated formula eliminates the need for messy shaving foams, creams and gels. It may be used with a electric or wet shaving system on any part of the body for complete shaving convenience.