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How It Works

What tattooing is in its most basic form: I will be filling each skin cell with organic pigment to dye the skin. I fill the cells to the brim and overflow them so that when the skin absorbs the pigment it will dye evenly.

This causes an “Epithelial Crust” on the surface of the skin. The epithelial crust is simply the pigment that is not absorbed into the body. The epithelial crust will shed within 5 - 7 days. (Do not pick at it, you could pull the pigment out of the skin cell – it must come off naturally so that your color will be even.)

“Pigment Hiding” is a phenomenon which occurs only rarely in some people. After the epithelial crust sheds, some people will notice that there is no change in the color of their procedure for about 5 - 7 more days. Then, all of sudden, all of the pigment comes to the surface and stays.

Tattoos will fade over time and if you are out in the sun without protection. They are permanent, but do fade. You will notice the color of your epithelial crust will be very much brighter than the color that you will end up with. The color that remains will be a very natural color.

Cosmetic tattooing can be extremely liberating. You will notice that you will not have to wear as much makeup as you have in the past. Many of my customers who have the eyeliner procedure will completely stop wearing eye shadow. They have found a new freedom and a more natural, younger look.


Because every human body is different and there are so many variables in the body’s absorption of pigment, I offer a special reduced rate on touch ups of $99.00. Please be sure you are absolutely pleased with your procedure before leaving the store.

I have been doing permanent cosmetics since 1992. I do not use machines, I use a hand tap method that is less invasive to the skin – faster healing time. Machines are noisy and splash pigment everywhere making it hard for the technician to know exactly where she is putting the pigment – this increases the possibility of mistakes.


You must contact me immediately if you are unhappy for any reason. It is very important to me that when you go out everyday you are happy with your procedure. Making Faces Day Spa, Linda Danis, 214-418-4718.