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How do hormones and pregnancy affect my skin?

<b>How do hormones and pregnancy affect my skin?

Hormones & Pregnancy

I sometimes breakout before my period. What can I do?

Your menstrual cycle wreaks havoc on your body's hormones, the worst of which is manifested just before your period. Many people find that they experience a breakout during this time, primarily because the heightened hormone levels lead the skin to produce more oil. Cleansing the skin thoroughly with an antibacterial face wash, such as Anti-Bac Skin Wash, for the few days prior and during your period will help to reduce the oil levels. You can also eliminate oily shine and breakout-causing bacteria with a purifying, toning skin wipe whenever needed throughout the day. Dry up and clear any spots with Special Clearing Booster. Although what you eat and drink does not necessarily cause a breakout, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and other refined foods will help your body stay balanced.

How does pregnancy affect the skin?

Pregnancy can be a rather overwhelming time as your body undergoes massive changes. Knowing in advance how these changes are going to affect you will help in dealing with them. For example, dry, itchy skin will need the skin-smoothing benefits of an enriched moisturizer like Body Hydrating Cream and soap-free cleanser such as Conditioning Body Wash. It is also vitally important to be extra thorough with sun protection because hormonal changes make the skin more susceptible to permanent pigmentation damage.

Treat pregnancy breakouts with a recommended Dermalogica product like the blemish-clearing Special Clearing Booster. A moisturizing facial masque will help to return much needed hydration to the skin without adding any oil. Soothe swollen legs and ankles with a cooling liqui-gel like Streamlining Body Toner.

Your vitamin supplements are also very important during this time, not only for the baby's nutrition but also for the maintenance of your skin. Be sure to discuss your supplement with your health care professional-for example, Vitamin E and Zinc have been shown to help reduce stretch marks, while Vitamin C aids in collagen production, leaving skin supple and resilient.

What can I do about hyperpigmentation?

Many women experience hyperpigmentation during pregnancy, even if they carefully avoid sun exposure. Frequently referred to as the "masque of pregnancy," this condition is preventable and treatable both during and after pregnancy by using Dermalogica's Pigment Relief with Active Botanicals. This formula contains a potent, all-natural formulation of Bearberry, Yeast, Licorice, Lemon and Lime to even out skin tone and counteract the effects of this condition. The formulation includes an alpha hydroxy Lactic Acid exfoliating complex to speed treatment results and a sunblock SPF15 to help protect the treated area against sun damage.

What effect do oral contraceptives have on the skin?

Oral contraceptives have a very similar effect as pregnancy on the body's hormones, leading to many of the same skin problems. Although symptoms, and their severity, differ depending on each person, women taking oral contraception are much more sensitive to sunlight and can develop a permanently uneven skin tone if they do not adequately protect themselves. During this time, you should use a minimum SPF15 sunblock formulated in a moisturizing base, like the products in Dermalogica's Solar Defense System.

Oral contraceptives can also lead to increased breakouts and oil production, which can easily be addressed with the Oil Control System, three skin care formulations to clear the skin of acne-causing bacteria and control oil production. At the same time, many women experience more dehydration of the skin, which should be addressed with a hydrating facial masque and consistent use of the appropriate moisturizer.

Ask your skin care therapist to suggest ways in which you can adjust your skin care regimen to adapt to these changes.