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Home Ear Candling Instructions

<b>Home Ear Candling Instructions
How To Ear Candle

Items you will need:

Comfortable place - in front of mirror

4 Candles



Baby Wipes or moist towlette

Bowl of water

T-Tree Oil


Place your head on a flat surface with one ear up. Insert candle into paper plate with hole cut into center. Put small end of candle into the ear canal - you should have it in snuggly. It should have a hollow sound, like having your ear up to a sea shell. No smoke should escape.

Light candle and let it burn about ˝ way down, when the top starts to bend over. Remove candle and dip end into water to extinguish. Cut off burned candle and replace, relight until about 1 inch from ear. Repeat on other side. Do one in each ear, then start over.

If you are not hearing noises, the end may be clogged. Remove candle and unclog it.

When you are finished, put small amount of T-Tree oil in ear with Q-Tip. You will feel a little light headed for a short time and when you wake up the next morning, you will feel and hear much better. Your sinuses will be cleared too.

Disclaimer: No claim is made for any dure of disease or ailment and use is not designed to take the place of a doctor’s care. Users assume full responsibility for use of ear candles.