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Full Lip, Lip Liner w/Fade In and Lip Liner

<b>Full Lip, Lip Liner w/Fade In and Lip Liner
I advise the client to have her lips numbed at her dentist’s office. If this is not possible, we will use a topical numbing solution. You may pick any color that you choose, just bring your favorite lip liner or lipstick with you.

When you get to the office, we outline the lip area with your pencil and start the procedure immediately before the topical wears off. From start to finish the liner procedure may take 2 - 3 hours and the full lip may take 3 - 5 hours.

I use a hand method which will heal faster, be less painful and less invasive than the machine tattoo method. At first, the client may feel a ticklish feel while the procedure is being performed, as time passes it may feel more intense and uncomfortable. Naturally, this is not a totally painless procedure.

You may have swollen lips and some bruising. This is normal and to be expected. If you take “Arnica Montana” 4 days prior to and after the procedure you will cut your swelling, bruising and healing time by 50%.

If you have ever had a fever blister you may get them after we do the procedure. Please make arrangements to get an oral Zovorax - you cannot use the topical. If you have any scars on your lips you may need a touch up. It is harder to color scar tissue.

You will be able to wear lipstick over the lips during the healing process and will be advised to keep the lips well-lubricated with Vaseline until the epithelial crust sloughs off. Do NOT pick at the crust - it will pull the pigment out of the skin. Keep in mind that your lips are not shaped perfectly before this procedure and will not be after the procedure. Some flaws can be corrected, but the basic shape of the lips is not changed.

This information sheet is provided not to scare you, but to fully inform you of what to expect during this procedure. I strongly feel a completely informed client will make an intelligent choice to have permanent makeup and be totally satisfied with the results of this procedure.

Your permanent cosmetic procedure will last a lifetime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with my personal guarantee. Rest assured, the quality of my work is unsurpassed. Making Faces Day Spa, Linda Danis, 214-418-4718