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Linda Danis

<b>Linda Danis

I have been doing permanent cosmetics for over 12 years now. If you came into my store you would see two huge portfolios -- and I never remember to take pictures.

Initially, I started out using tattoo machines (I own 5 machines). I found them to be loud, scary and very hard to work with. After attending an advanced seminar, I was watching a tattooist using what she called a "hand tap" method using just the needles. I was amazed -- no pigment splashing everywhere, no loud noise and the pigment went exactly where she placed it!!!

I was sold and have been doing everything by hand ever since. I must tell you that my permanent cosmetic business was big before I changed methods, but after a few clients my business sky-rocketed! People have come in town from other states and I have worked on a few famous people. It is very cool!

By the way, I have done my own brows, eyeliner and full lips. I LOVE it!!!