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What Micro-dermabrasion Is & FAQs

Micro-Dermabrasion is a gentle, yet effective method of skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

Unlike harsh peels or lasers that can leave skin reddened for weeks, micro-dermabrasion is a series of safe, non-invasive treatments that gradually erase fine lines, blotchiness and superficial discoloration. Micro-Dermabrasion treats acne, blackheads and enlarged pores. It can lessen the appearance of acne scaring. This procedure can also be used on other areas of the body to lesson the appearance of scars, stretch marks and erase years of sun damage.

Treatments generally take about an hour and can be repeated as often as every 7-14 days. A series of treatments can range from 6-12 depending on the desired results. After a series, periodic boosters are recommended for maximum benefits.

Results are often seen after the first session!


What is it?

In layman’s terms, Micro-Dermabrasion is a mild sand blasting of the skin with titanium crystals as a vacuum pulls debris out and away.

What does it do?

This non-invasive exfoliation technique will do many things:

Eliminate Hyper-Pigmentation
Eliminate Age Spots
Reduce Large Pores
Remove Blackheads
Remove Whiteheads
Reduce Acne Scars
Reduce Scars
Remove Sun Damage
Remove Blotchiness
Reduce Oily Skin
Remove Blemishes
Eliminate Dry Skin
Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Reduce Rosacea
Reduce Stretch Marks
Encourages Collagen Production
Encourages Elastin Production
Increases Circulation
Gives a Beautiful, Even Skin Tone
Gives a Healthy Glow
Less Need for Make Up


Q. Will I be red after my treatment?

A. You will be pink to slightly red for approximately three hours after your treatment. Some people may be red for longer periods of time and even experience a slight flaking.

Q. Can I apply make up or foundation after my treatment?

A. Absolutely, it will not affect your treatment at all. In fact, we encourage the use of a strong SPF every two hours after your treatment – many make up and foundations contain SPF.

Q. I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation in my face. Will it be gone after one treatment?

A. No, it will take 6-12 treatments to realize a noticeable change in your hyper-pigmentation. Again, this does not mean that all of it will be gone – it really depends on the severity of your personal problem and how you care for your skin during and after treatments. Everyone is different.

Keep in mind, there is nothing better for hyper-pigmentation than micro-dermabrasion!

Q. Is it possible to just treat the blackheads on my nose?

A. No, if you treat one area on the face, you will want to treat the entire face. Treating only one area will cause the treated area to be a slightly different color than the rest of your face.

Q. I have cystic acne. Will this help me?

A. Yes. You must first get your cystic acne under control with a series of chemical peels, then we can start the micro-dermabrasion. You will be amazed at how quickly your pore size will diminish and the oils in your skin dry up.

Q. I have fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, how will this help me?

A. This process is excellent for fine lines and wrinkles. It will not happen with one treatment, but with several treatments you will notice a difference and can completely be rid of the fine lines with continued treatments.

Please keep in mind that while Micro-Dermabrasion is fantastic, everyone’s skin is different. Everyone reacts differently and progress is made differently. You will love micro-dermabrasion and it will be great for your specific problem as long as you use the products advised and follow the skin care regime your Aesthetician advises for you.

Remember, there are no promises made with this procedure and that you should have realistic expectations after talking with your Aesthetician.

Having beautiful skin and not having to wear make up or foundation is everyone’s goal. We will try our best to give you the absolute best results possible!

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