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Eye Liner

<b>Eye Liner
This is the easiest and quickest procedure for the cosmetic tattooist because she simply follows the line of the lashes. Eyeliner can be any thickness or color desired.

A topical is applied to the eyelids for a period of 45 minutes while the client relaxes. Then, the eye is cleansed with saline solution. At first, the client may feel a ticklish feel while the procedure is being performed, as time passes it may feel more intense and uncomfortable. Naturally, this is not a totally painless procedure.

It will take from three to six passes for the line to be perfect. I use a hand method which will heal faster, be less painful and less invasive than the machine tattoo method. The eyes will be cleansed with saline solution while the procedure is being performed. I will do one eye at a time, starting with the upper lid. When I think everything is perfect, I will remove all topical and we discuss any little touch-ups the you may think are necessary.

The entire procedure from start to finish may take from 2 - 4 hours.

If the client takes Arnica Montana 4 days prior and following the procedure there will be less swelling, bruising and heal much faster.

You may see some swelling and/or bruising. This is normal. There is a 4 - 7 day healing period, depending on the person. You may look as though you have had a good cry. You may go back to work within 1 - 2 days. Bring a pair of sunglasses, the eyes may be sensitive to bright light for a short time. Touch-ups may be required, depending on how the client’s skin absorbs the pigment.

The eyeliner procedure can be the most beautiful and liberating of all the cosmetic tattooing procedures. One phenomenon of this procedure is that most women stop wearing eye shadows altogether giving them a more natural, youthful appearance.

This information sheet is provided not to scare you, but to fully inform you of what to expect during this procedure. I strongly feel a completely informed client will make an intelligent choice to have permanent makeup and be totally satisfied with the results of this procedure.

Your permanent cosmetic procedure will last a lifetime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with my personal guarantee. Rest assured, the quality of my work is unsurpassed. Making Faces Day Spa, Linda Danis, 214-418-4718.