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What do you recommend for my sensitive skin?

<b>What do you recommend  for my sensitive skin?

Environmentally Sensitized Skin

What is the difference between "sensitive" and "environmentally sensitized" skin?

Professionally-speaking, skin sensitized by the environment is easily-irritated and unable to tolerate over-stimulation from aggressive environmental factors such as pollution, sudden changes in climate and humidity and certain cosmetic ingredients. While a small percentage of the population is born with genetically sensitive skin, most people who experience redness, itching and inflammation are actually suffering from an environmentally-induced reaction. An "allergic skin," on the other hand, is the result of an immune system reaction to a particular ingredient or environmental influence

An allergic skin often exhibits the same symptoms as a sensitized skin, but is more difficult to treat and often requires a professional patch test from a Dermatologist to identify the allergen.

People with sensitized or allergic skin often avoid skin care protection because of bad reactions in the past, or because they feel that any products placed on the skin will cause additional irritation. This is a dangerous mistake, since delicate skin should be protected from environmental irritants and pollution at all times by a professionally-recommended product. During times of extra sensitivity or inflammation, you should supplement your daily skin care regimen with Dermalogica's Environmental Control System, a unique collection of products that provide emergency repair and protection.

Could my skin care or make-up be sensitizing my skin?

All people, but especially those with environmentally sensitized skin, should avoid the following commonly-used ingredients, as they have been shown to cause skin irritation: artificial fragrance, lanolin, S.D. alcohols, artificial color and mineral oil. Many companies formulate with these substances because they are cheaper. Dermalogica uses only skin-beneficial ingredients and is committed to producing the highest quality skin care system available.

How should I care for my skin when it feels delicate and irritated?

Your skin care therapist can recommend a specialized treatment to soothe and calm your skin. For daily maintenance, we recommend that you use Dermalogica’s Soothing Protection Spray to rehydrate and repair sensitized skin. Follow with Dermalogica's Barrier Repair to seal in the benefits while shielding against further sensitization. For times of sensitivity, Dermalogica's Environmental Control System provides a regimen to reduce inflammation, repair skin damage and prevent future assaults. Your therapist can help select the products right for you, and will choose from UltraCalming Cleanser for Face and Eyes, Soothing Protection Spray and Barrier Repair. To counter the damaging effects of ozone pollution and fortify the skin's natural defenses, each product is formulated with an Anti-Ozonate Complex plus the latest in soothing botanicals to dramatically heal inflammation. Combined with the latest professional treatments, it's defensive skin care for a hostile world.

Are my broken capillaries the result of having a sensitive skin?

So-called "broken capillaries" are caused by sun damage and a genetic predisposition to these thread-like veins. Although a dermatologist can remove most of these veins with a simple office treatment, it is extremely important to always wear a sunblock like those in the Solar Defense System with a minimum SPF of 15 to prevent further sun damage to the skin.