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Tri-Derma Info

<b>Tri-Derma Info
  Different From the Start

Our exclusive AP4® Genuine Virgin Aloe makes the difference

  * It's organically grown

* We use proprietary harvesting methods are used to maintain more than 200 biologically active healing properties wich include:
    – natural anti-inflammatories
    – natural antiseptics
    – natural analgesics

Not all Aloe is created equally...
only 3 out of 200 species and
2200 varieties have healing

Then we take and add clinically proven medical strength healing ingredients to make the most effected formulas

  * Customized, solution based products target specific skin conditions

* Highly effective formulas with no side effects

* Concentrated AP4® Aloe based formulas provide superior healing compared to most water based OTC products

AP4® + medical strength ingredients = Better products, better value