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Retinol Resurfacing Treatment, 1ox/30ml

<b>Retinol Resurfacing Treatment, 1ox/30ml
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Product Description

Boost your acne-fighting power by prescribing Retinol Resurfacing Treatment. Retinol Resurfacing Treatment doses the skin with a lipophilic form of Vitamin A to help smooth and resurface uneven skin and prevent pore congestion that leads to breakouts. With regular use, Retinol Resurfacing Treatment helps unclog pores, reduces redness and promotes a softer, more balanced skin texture.

Helps eliminate existing blemishes and prevent new blemishes from forming
Doses the skin with a high concentration of fat soluble Vitamin A (Retinol)
Stimulates new skin cell growth

Key Ingredients And What They Do For Your Skin:

Retinol - Vitamin A in a lipophilic form improves skin texture, tone and clarity
Vitamin C - A lipophilic form that helps soften, heal and promote collagen synthesis
Vitamin E - Antioxidant provides protection and helps reduces irritation
Algae - Firms, tightens and nourishes the skin
Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes and softens the skin, Non-comedogenic oil
CoQ10 - Improves cellular energy and encourages new cell growth