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Drying Lotion, 1oz/35ml

<b>Drying Lotion, 1oz/35ml
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Product Description

Drying Lotion is formulated with active nutrients to speed the healing of irritated or blemished skin and to eliminate excess oil. Drying Lotion soothes and minimizes clogged, inflamed pores without causing flakiness and can help reduce ingrown hairs.

Topical nutrients help dry excess oil and reduce sebum
Leaves skin smooth, soft and dry witout causing flakiness or irritation
Helps speed healing of broken or blemished skin

Key Ingredients And What They Do For Your Skin:

Sulfur - Speeds healing, antibacterial
Zinc - Speeds healing, antibacterial, oil absorbing
Calcium - Improves cell turnover, skin healing
Vitamin B5 - Prevents formation of excess oils